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Jobs at Gullivers Theme Parks, 35 years of family fun!
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If you're looking for on-the-job fun and to develop new skills, explore the employment opportunities at Gullivers World. Become an important part of a real team, while gaining experience in ride operations, admissions, food services, retail, entertainment, guest relations and more!
Launch your career at Gullivers Theme Parks World, UK’s number one entertainment precinct and the nation’s favourite playground!
It's an extreme important opportunity for you to work with us, meet people of all ages and nationalities and most importantly, have serious fun!
Job Description:
The family-run firm, which has three parks in Warrington, Milton Keynes and Matlock Bath, in Derbyshire, is offering a diverse range of opportunities from front of house positions to supervisory and senior management positions.
General vacancies include, but are not limited to:
  • Ride Attendants, Slide Attendants 
  • Food & Beverage Assistants
  • Sales & Photo Sales Assistants
  • Snr Photo Sales/Mini-Lab
  • Games Attendants 
  • Suit Character/Performers 
  • Guest Services Hosts 
  • General Cleaners 
  • Store persons 
  • Security Officers 
  • Cashiers
  • Catering Assistants
  • Lifeguards
More specialised positions include, but are not limited to:
Executive Managers Technical/Design FinanceCommercialSupport & AdminLand/Development All engineering jobs – include 10 machine drivers, electricians, maintenance workers, catering staff, gardeners and cleaners plus more, plus more..
Location: Temple Walk - City: Derbyshire, Matlock, East midlands, United Kingdom |Postal Code / Zip code: DE4 3PG|
Salary: £8,000 - £18,000 per month
Reference: 1609/GT PL.

Closing date: 08/12/2013.